Trout/Panfish Rods

Powers for trout/panfish fishing

They are sneaky, ruthless, and unconscionably determined to frustrate you. The panfish will stir a float, never taking your jig. Switching to live bait will not matter; the feeding window is not open yet. Rest assured that one quick wrist flick unleashes the perfect balance of power and finesse from a masterfully crafted blank that keeps the smallest hook from pulling free. When tossing small spinners in gin clear streams that depict young of the year fry while chasing trout, a rod must be perfectly balanced to prevent your casts from overshooting their target. Too strong in the tip and the treble hooks will tear out of the paper-thin mouth of the crappie hiding beneath the cobweb-covered corner of the dock when it darts out intent on a quick meal. Whether chasing them for their beauty, hunting down the next trophy, or a quick feed for dinner, each rod was designed with purposeful powers that celebrate the experience. 

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