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From this day forward, good is our enemy.

Introducing the completely redesigned Fenwick family of rods


There is no shortage of good things in the world today. Thanks to the advancement of technology and manufacturing, good is everywhere. Good is the new average. Good is the new standard. Good is the price of admission.

There’s nothing inherently bad about good. It’s only that it is so plentiful and, as a consequence, unremarkable.

From this day forward, we declare good to be our enemy. If good is the enemy of great, then we will work tirelessly to flush good from our thinking and our rods.

Starting now, we no longer accept the terms of good’s offer, no matter how easy, agreeable, practical, cost-effective, or efficient those terms may seem.

Good has no guts

Good doesn’t want to push the envelope. Good just wants to lick the stamp.

For decades, Fenwick has built a legacy of making high-quality fishing rods known for their trademark sensitivity. Today, we are throwing all of those perfectly good rods out. Because, at the end of the day, we know they could be better.

We did not just redesign a few rods. We bet the entire farm and the lake and the river with it.

With Fenwick’s famous sensitivity as our north star to guide us, the result is an all-new, entirely redesigned family of 265 rods spread across four performance series—Eagle, HMG, Elite and World Class—crafted to provide ultimate sensitivity for every species and your specific technique.

Good is inconsistent

Good isn’t consistent or disciplined. Good is all over the place.

Throwing out our entire product line and reinventing Fenwick from scratch has freed us to do something unthinkable. Something that is nonexistent in the fishing world—an entire brand of rods designed at the same time, by the same people, under the same vision to achieve consistent uniformity in performance throughout the entire family.

Until now, rod brands have always been a mishmash of new and older designs with little consistency throughout the entire line.

By contrast, the new Fenwick line is designed to provide what we call “family flex.” This means that each rod’s match in specifications across each performance series shares the same action. If a rod fishes a ½ jig perfectly to your liking, its counterpart will do the same. So you can fish up and down the Fenwick family, and every Fenwick will fish like a Fenwick.

What separates the Eagle, HMG, Elite and World Class is a continual refinement of materials and processes. There is no good, better, best.

We worked to make excellence our starting point and went upwards in sensitivity and lighter-weight materials from there.

Good settles for good enough

Good is potential without ambition. Good is ability without sacrifice.

It’s not one thing that makes a fishing rod great. It’s many. A culmination of dozens of deliberated choices that, when added together, become greater than the sum of their parts.

Every detail and choice in the new Fenwick rods is driven by performance to provide anglers with ultimate sensitivity, allowing them to better feel what they can’t see.

This starts with a true blank that runs from tip to butt with no separation. Though it’s harder to build, the result is an unimpeded, direct line of communication from your lure to your hand.

Because sensitivity is felt in the hands, we studied how hundreds of different anglers hold a rod. Working with experts in surgical-tool ergonomics, we created a bulb profile that fills the hand more comfortably, providing more confidence, control and less hand fatigue.

A full blank side exposure in the grip makes the rod feel more alive, delivering all the sensitivity of the rod blank more directly to your hands.

Materials were painstakingly chosen for weight, balance, and feel—from composite and standard cork to EVA foam.

While people often think that a sensitive rod is a result of it being lightweight, in reality, it’s a rod’s balance of weight that is most important. Each of the 265 rods has been meticulously balanced from tip to butt to provide remarkable sensitivity and feel.

This attention to detail is even found in the paint: Environmentally friendly paints were chosen that are transparent for less weight and better performance.

Good is gone

Yesterday is history. Today we start again.

From this day forward, good will find no quarter in our thinking or our rods. Good will find no neutral ground to pitch its tent. Good has no home here. Good has been escorted from the building.

Because a legacy means nothing unless you are carrying it forward. If you are not pushing, expanding or challenging yourself and the field, you will never achieve something great—only a different shade of good.

The world doesn’t need another good fishing rod. We’re here to make the best fishing rods humanly possible. Rods that make every minute on the water count. Rods that let you feel everything.

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