Salmon & Steelhead Rods

techniques for salmon & Steelhead Fishing

Salmonidae cannot help themselves; they are gluttonous yet temperamental. In the rivers, lobbing spinners flash and undulate as they tumble through the current, washing them over gravel and rocky flats during the fish run. If they are a little skittish, drifting roe beneath a bobber through the deeper holes will often get them to flip their switch. Seasoned anglers know that finding their forage, depending on the water, is their cue to troll bait and spinners behind flashers. Any angler worth their grain of salt will have a good mix of spoons to work into the rotation because the rods will fire sooner than later. As the drag of one reel after another screams as the line strips off the spool, all hands better be on deck- pure mayhem awaits. From the river to the deep water, it's about the chase, the quest to have the right plan and execute with precision.

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