Predator Rods

techniques for predator fishing

Teeth- that very word changes the rules of the game. The grown ones are set on punishing you from the hookset. Banging a crankbait along a saddle littered with rock and weed will draw that beast hiding within the stalks of cabbage and try to rip the rod out of our hands. Predators hide in the shadows that protect them, not knowing the blanks engineered for power that await them and the components tested never to fail.  Nestled in a deep saddle, along a sunken log, or tucked inside an irregular weed line that changes depth ever so slightly, they lie in wait. Once the line tightens after the glide bait kissed that weed edge, there are no second chances; swing hard and confidently.  Watching your line cut the water like a sword validates your obsession that makes you brave the brutal winds, early mornings, and aching muscles.

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HMG® Predator Casting Rod

Primary Technique





Medium Heavy

Line Rating

40 - 65 lb



Lure Rating

1 - 4 oz

# of Pieces




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