Your obsession only surpasses your instinctual drive to fish. When you cannot be on the water, every thought is consumed by what next opportunity awaits. For the World Class angler, you demand the best of every cast, presentation, and hookset.

Precisely engineered from a 40- and 36-ton graphite blend, these new blanks are reinforced with a proprietary resin. The World Class Series embodies Fenwick's most sensitive and lightest rods in our 70-year history and creates an immeasurable experience that telegraphs the exact moment a fish surges toward your lure. Feel everything.

World Class

40/36 ton graphite blend with proprietary reinforcing resin; Tailored foregrip with reduced length and added taper allow for forward finger placement and better feel; Multi material split and full length grips for the best blend of feel, balance, and durability; Interlocking part lines for smooth transition and best hand feel; Contoured rod butt with increased radii provides comfort when resting against your body; Titanium guide frames with super thin zirconia inserts; Fenwick designed reel seat fits the crux of hand for a custom natural feel with soft touch

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