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Fenwick Warranty “Get Your Fenwick Fishing Program”

Our commitment at Fenwick is to you, the angler. That is why we have created the “get your Fenwick fishing” program to get you back on the water faster. We apologize for the inconvenience of a broken rod and are committed to get you fishing again.

How do I make a rod warranty claim?
If you are certain that your broken rod is our mistake (some type of manufacturer’s defect) and your rod is under the designated warranty period here is what’s going to happen:

Please send the following items to

  1. Photos
    1. Photo of the rod clearly showing brand name and model – directly above the handle
    2. Photo clearly showing the broken area(s) of the rod
    3. Photo showing the manufacturing code of the rod located
  2. Copy of your original receipt or proof of purchase
  3. A brief description of how your rod broke
  4. Your address and a daytime telephone number

When we receive the above info a trained Fenwick engineer will inspect the claim. Please do not throw away your broken rod until your claim has been fully processed because we may require that you ship your rod back to us in some situations.

Rods under warranty will be replaced for a processing fee of $9.95 US or $10.55 CAD. We will contact you directly to take payment, which can be made by phone via credit card. In the event your rod is no longer manufactured or is currently unavailable, we will also give you a call to discuss your replacement options.

What if I accidentally broke my rod or it’s out of the warranty time period?
Everyone has broken a rod by accident, but Fenwick isn’t going to penalize you for it. We’re going to give you a sweet deal on a replacement rod and get you back on the water.

If you broke your rod on accident send us the same information listed above in the warranty claim section to explaining what happened.

We will take your information and be in touch regarding replacement options.

That’s it, easy as that. We are committed to keeping you fishing.

Warranty Summary of our current product line:
Each series has a specific warranty program associated with it. Details are on the original packaging. If you don’t have the original packaging or have any other questions please email us at or call our trained professional customer service group at (877)336-7637.

Limited Lifetime

  • Fenwick Aetos Rods
  • Fenwick Elite Tech Rods
  • Fenwick HMG Rods

5 Year Warranty (from original purchase date)

  • Fenwick HMX Rods
  • Fenwick Eagle GT Rods

1 Year (from original purchase date)

  • Fenwick Ice Fishing Rods – Aetos Ice, Elite Tech Ice

We guarantee that our products are free from manufacturer’s defects. Normal wear and tear or misuse or mistreatment of the product are not covered in our limited warranties.